Manufacturer of custom made wooden pallets, 4-way, 2-way, disposable pallets or special pallets, wooden boxes/crates, packaging

Established in 2008 in 66-008 Swidnica near Zielona Gora in Lubuskie province, western Poland.

Manufacturing of custom made wooden pallets in Whitewood, Pinewood and/or Poplar wood, fine-sawn.

The wood: fresh, dried in climate chambers or dried according to ISPM-15 specified heat treatment.

A complete delivery programme, just like the parent company in the Netherlands, focused on the strongly developing Polish market.

The Swidnica location is temporary. In due course, permanent business premises will be set up in 66-110 Babimost, an industrial estate, near Poznan, to the west of this city.

The company will be pleased to deliver your new pallets as well!